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This is Benjamin, aged 60, from San Francisco. I am married with a loving wife, Jennifer, 55.

We both have two grown up children and they both are in their 30s. I run a super store here.

My wife and I manage the store together. Everything between both of us and among our children was fine.

But there was one thing that had started irritating and disturbing my life and health was neuropathy (which is also called peripheral neuropathy in medical terminology).

I was simply tired of the numbness, lack of balance, the prickling, the burning and the intense stabbing pains used to occur due to neuropathy. I was unable to bear all this. It was like a desperate situation for me. I had diabetes and this was the actual cause of the development of the disease called ‘neuropathy’.

People said that it was treatable and could be cured. Some said that if it was not treatable, you could control and manage it with various medicated ways. Let’s describe what this disease all about is. It is a damage or dysfunction of one or more nerves which result in numbness, muscle weakness, tingling and pain in the affected area.

It starts in your hands and feet but can also travel to other parts of your body. You begin feeling weakness in specified areas of body and also begin feeling burning, throbbing, sharp pain and stabbing pain in your body. You can imagine how dangerous it is and how badly it affects on your body? Neuropathy affects people of all ages, but the elderly people are more at risk. It

normally is present in the people who have diabetes or the people who receive chemotherapy and people have HIV. Major signs of this disease include numbness, stabbing pain, sensitivity to touch, falling (imbalance), not able to feel anything on your feet and hands, muscle weakness, low blood pressure, problems with bladder and digestion and weight loss.

Today I feel supremely fine and in good health. Neuropathy … I guess, I have heard this word before (this is my today’s feeling as I have thrown this word from my life). All signs of neuropathy have gone.

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I used ‘The Neuropathy Solution Program’ that helped me thoroughly saying goodbye to this dangerous and painful problem from my life. It is very easy to use system that does not take long to overcome the disease rather eliminates it fast.

  • Do you feel numbness?
  • Do you feel sharp and stabbing pains?
  • Do you have imbalance problems?
  • Are your hands or feet become asleep and you don’t feel anything on them?
  • Do you have muscle weakness?
  • Do you have bladder and digestion issues?

Then you have neuropathy. But there is no need to get worried about that your life would stay the same with this painful disease. There is a solution that I used and the same I am going to present you to help you out.

Solution to Say Goodbye to Neuropathy

Neuropathy Book Cover‘The Neuropathy Solution Program’ ends up the chronic peripheral neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain without using any drugs, surgeries or guesswork.

The program does not carry any prescription medications, painkillers, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, risky surgery, any frustrating trial and error tactics or any crazy gimmicks. It is a secret that the drug makers do not want doctors or the neuropathy sufferers to know.

This was created by a doctor himself named Dr. Randall Labrum, who himself suffered with the battle of neuropathy.

Often it happens that you are told by the healthcare professionals that you are stuck with this condition forever, and this condition of yours cannot be treated. You are told that the best option to manage the symptoms with a variety of power prescriptions.

The sufferer (Dr. Randall) then fastened the belts to work on something that could treat this condition and eliminate it forever. Dr. Labrum assures you that the treatment ‘The Neuropathy Solution Program’ does work to end neuropathy pain.

His own disease ended up with this treatment and many of his patients so far have been treated with this program. People around the world are being treated from their homes. The doctor guarantees the positive results. His self-treatment program provides a simple and proven solution for ending neuropathy from your life.

What is The Neuropathy Solution Program?

It is in electronic form that you order and get it for download. The book that is in PDF form (downloadable) is available at much reduced price of $37.95. It focuses on curing the condition called ‘neuropathy’ holistically since it targets the primary cause of the problem with a series of techniques which work in harmony with the natural healing of the body.

In this program you will find 6 steps in total which vow to treat the chronic nerve pain, besides this self-treatment program is more simplified in core techniques. The program very skillfully and easily teaches you how you can deal with numerous nerve problems including stabbing pains, tingling, burning and prickling.

Unlike other programs available in the market and on the web which only mask the pain, ‘The Neuropathy Solution Program’ raises a claim that you will overcome the condition forever and for good. It takes out the root cause of the disease so that you can then treat it permanently.

This program has been created by Dr. Randall Labrum, a former neuropathy sufferer and a retired physician with more than 35 years of professional experience.

This program is also famous as ‘The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution’. It offers you six steps which let you have the natural ways for the treatment of the root cause of peripheral neuropathy and its symptoms such as nerve pain, stabbing pain, imbalance of body, etc. And the cure is done as fast as 7 days.

Who is Dr. Randall Labrum?

The book ‘The Neuropathy Solution Program’ was written by Dr. Randall Labrum, who is a former neuropathy sufferer also.

He is a retired physician and has served in the field for more than 35 years. For many years, even being a doctor himself, suffered from peripheral neuropathy.

Then he went on researching for a solution and consumed years to find a permanent solution. As a sufferer, he knows how painful this condition can be? His program lets you have a permanent solution. You will find complete guidance and tips in this program.

What’s Inside The Package?

The program is a guide available in PDF format that you can download after you place the order. The guide includes the simple to follow core techniques which the doctor has refined, enhanced and further simplified in recent years to make the program more powerful and end up neuropathy permanently.

There is no use of drugs in the program nor will you be taken into surgery. You need to follow the simple techniques only. You can start it from the comfort of your home. The program works faster and is quite effective in positive results, which are guaranteed. With this order, you will also get 6 bonus guides also (which will further guide you and help you) such as:

  • Neuropathy Treatment Seminar Transcript
  • Your Ultimate Diabetes Formula
  • Personal Treatment Tracking Worksheet and Checklist
  • Ultimate Resource Suit for Self-Reliance and Emergency Preparedness
  • Newsletter Subscription (Optional)
  • Neuropathy Drug Secrets ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know

How Does The Neuropathy Solution Program Works?

The program is easy to follow and works better. The techniques and tips presented in the guide are the results of the researches, the doctor has done. Main features and topics of the guide are as under:

  • Everything about Neuropathy
  • Link between blood circulation and peripheral neuropathy
  • Why does diabetes cause peripheral neuropathy and what the sufferers can do about it?
  • Why does chemotherapy cause peripheral neuropathy?
  • Why and how do the aging speed up the deterioration of the sensory nerves and what actions you may take to prevent the development of neuropathy?
  • Simple practice which will bring significant results.
  • How you may remove toxic carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes from the blood so that they cannot become the cause of nerve pain?
  • A prove method (which people hardly know about) to instantly overcome the nerve pain.
  • The program works on all age groups
  • It very efficiently treats the chronic peripheral neuropathy and diabetic nerve pain and discomfort in both feet and hands.
  • The exercises mentioned in the program can be taken at your home with ease.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of The Program


  • Anyone can understand and implements the procedure.
  • It has flexibility, as you can make this program customizable according to your needs.
  • It gives permanent solution to eradicate neuropathy.
  • It is a natural solution, as you will find natural substance for the treatment.
  • Tested and proven by Dr. Randall Labrum who was also the sufferer of neuropathy.
  • You will get money back guarantee.


  • You can get it only in soft copy.
  • Your patience is needed for the permanent removal of neuropathy.

Some Testimonials From All Around The Globe

Charles says: I went for chemotherapy and after it was done, I started suffering from neuropathy that brought so many problems for me such as tingling, stabbing pains and imbalance of body. It was simply earth shaking for me. One of my friends referred me to The Neuropathy Solution Program. I ordered it and got instant access to the digital format of the book. I thoroughly followed and soon I recovered from this horrific condition called Neuropathy.

Franco Says: Diabetes, you know, how terrifying it is? This diseased put me into another painful condition, which my doctors told it was ‘neuropathy’. It shook me from top to toe. I lost my body balance…it was hard to move. I started feeling weakness. My feet and hands turned out to be lifeless. I tried many medicines, but all were temporary solutions. I wanted permanent solution for this condition. Then one day I found ‘The Neuropathy Solution Program’ on search. I ordered it and followed it. It turned out to be super amazing. I got results instantly. Today I am fine and have good health.

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Kingsley Says: I am Kingsley aged 58. I was a sufferer of neuropathy. All the symptoms associated with this condition were making my life horrible. I was restricted to one place normally, as I did not find power to move. The stabbing pains and numbness I was unable to bear. I found on the web that a doctor created a solution, and interestingly he too was the sufferer of this condition. I got impressed with the solution and the guarantees provided by him. I instantly ordered it and got immediate access to the e-book. I very carefully followed whatever mentioned in the book. Soon I said goodbye to neuropathy. Thanks to Dr. Randall Labrum.

Amelia Says: Hi, I am Amelia and I am 60 years of age. I really want to share my experience of suffering from neuropathy that made my life severe. My feet and hands used to asleep. I was unable to feel if something hits to them, etc.

I used to fall when I stood up and when I used to walk…you can imagine what would have been happened to me. Thanks to The Neuropathy Solution Program that helped me out. I salute to the maker. My neuropathy is no more.

Evelyn Says: Neuropathy is so harmful. I do not want to remember or recall the days of the suffering. I was packed with numbness, weakness, imbalance, stabbing pain and much more. Although oldies suffer from various diseases, but not like the ones which come up with neuropathy.

I am 60, but there are many people of my age, who are active and healthy. Then I tried ‘The Neuropathy Solution Program’ that made me healthy and active again. Within short time, I was back in good health and the neuropathy is no more.

What You Can Expect?

Well, you may expect a permanent solution of neuropathy with this program. Doctors and even the drug companies keep mentioning that you will have to stay with this condition and the only solution they offer are temporary. This program treats you holistically and offers you permanent solution with easy ways.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You are offered 60 days and if you are not satisfied in this period, your full amount will be refunded. You will not be asked any question.

Final Conclusion

This program has been created by a doctor who too suffered in this disease. He researched heavily for the solution and after years of hard work, he came up with a permanent solution. He also provides you with money back guarantee. Besides he guarantees the positive results.